Healing Plant Diet



Benefits of the Healing Plant Diets

  • Increased mindfulness
  • Increased clarity on your direction and purpose
  • Calm in stressful situations
  • Develop more compassion to self and others
  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • More connected to nature
  • Better energy and mood
  • Opening of the heart
  • Release energetic blockages
  • Release of difficult emotions and memories


What is a Healing Plant Diet? 

The “Shamanic Plant Diet” or ‘dieta de plantas medicinales’ derives from a traditional system of ‘Curanderismo’, or traditional healing which comes predominantly from the Peruvian Amazon.

The healing plant diet is a unique process by which a person connects to a plant spiritually and energetically to catalyze healing for the body, spirit and mind. The diets can be visualized as a sort of ‘plant acupuncture’. During the process, the energy of the plant enters the body in order to open up the energy channels and ‘chakras’ of the body.

Traditionally, this therapy is overseen by the healer who will bring a special preparation of the plant or plants which is administered daily. The healer then oversees the process spiritually and physically and is a guide during the entire time you are dieting.  During the diet, certain meditations, exercises or other practices may be given to help you release and ‘straighten’ energies that you are working with.

In the Amazonian tradition, each plant is seen as a teacher of great wisdom and dieting with the plants allows you to be guided by this wisdom. The healing plant diet process can give profound benefits including helping to resolve deep emotional and spiritual traumas, clearing energetic blocks, providing centredness and grounding, opening more clarity on your direction in life and most importantly, experiencing an increased connection to yourself and nature. I give diets in the traditional amazonian way, however, I use many different plants and trees from both the Amazon and from the British Isles.  The right plant for you to diet with will be determined through a diagnosis.

Traditionally the plant diet is done in solitude in the jungle, however, in my experience, the healing plant diets are equally powerful when done in the home environment. Within your personal space, it is much easier to integrate your experience into your life, literally integrating the experience into the world around you.  


What is the Healing Diet Process?

There are two ways to follow the healing plant diet, the ‘healing plant diet’ and the ‘soft plant diet’;










Healing Plant Diet

This is for those people who are serious about their healing and can invest the time into their process. The full healing diet lasts 7 days and the length of the diet is spent within your own home in a personalised healing retreat. During the 7 days I visit your home on a daily basis to oversee the process.

  • Prior to the diet: A full diagnosis is given. This involves a Chinese Medicine diagnosis which uses the pulse, observation of the tongue and asking detailed questions. A traditional diagnostic technique from traditional curanderismo will also be used. Through these diagnosis methods, the correct plant and healing therapies needed will be determined
  • Day 1: The diet begins with a small ceremony. Advice on the process, meditation techniques will be given at this time. A preparation of the healing plant is drunk on this first day.
  • Day 2 until day 7: I will visit to administer the medicine as well as answer any questions that you may have on the diet from your experiences the day and night before.  During these days you will be spending time practicing meditation, journaling, resting and connecting with the plant you are dieting with.
  • Day 8: The diet is closed in a small ceremony on the morning of the 8th day. Advice on how to proceed after the diet to keep the benefits that you have gained will be given.


‘Soft’ Plant Diet

This is for people who are not quite ready to undertake the full healing diet. The plants used in the soft diet are usually much more gentle and so can be taken while working in your job and the restrictions are much less during this form of diet.


Experiences of the Healing Plant Diet (more on the way) 🙂

My experience with the healing plant diet with Ben has been truly fantastic. It helped me to clear out bad energies and toxins out of my body and enriched me as a person. The whole process lasted 7 days and included meditation, ceremony every day, where the plants were carefully prepared for me by Ben. I felt deeply connected on a spiritual level with Ben as a part of the process and I genuinely trusted him to lead me through this completely new experience. He has been very professional at all times and he has heaps of experience gained through his shamanic education in various parts of the world. This meant he could answer every question asked by me. I had his full attention when he came, he regularly checked on how I felt physically and spiritually. He was very clear with explaining the whole process and how I will feel during and after. His diagnosis was correct, considering that I never told him about my health issues before. I decided to do the healing plant diet because I felt very run down and suffered from ongoing thyroid issue and anxiety. After the diet, I felt very happy and was able to appreciate my life more. Puffiness around my face has gone down and hair condition improved. I can now manage stress levels very well, especially in my busy work environment. I highly recommend Ben’s services as he is not only a very lovely person with a positive aura around him, but also he is very professional and genuinely loves to help people through his healing practice.

Magda S, London


Contact me 

If you would like to book a consultation or have any questions on the plant diets, please email me at ben@rootsandbranches.co.uk