About Ben Aspill

205369_10151807221180531_1628630569_nI have spent my life learning different healing arts and have had the good fortune to have studied with many masters and teachers in different traditions around the world. I like to call these healing arts ‘Medicine’ and have made it my life’s work to continue learning Medicine from around the world and bring these teachings back to the west so that people can benefit from them and once again find their connection to themselves, their life and to the world.

There are many common aspects between these traditions and I have found that they carry certain core truths and work in fundamentally similar ways, even though their outward appearance may be very different. All these traditions treat the person as a whole, the root and the branch, in order to effect healing. The mind, body and spirit are all of equal importance.

It is my hope that through my travels and teaching I can inspire people to follow their heart in whatever shape that takes for them. My mission is to help people realise the beauty and magic in the world and carry that with them in their daily lives.

Selected highlights of my training to date;













Shamanism and Curanderismo and Herbalism

Over the last 10 years the focus of my work has been in Shamanism and Curanderismo, the original and oldest healing traditions in the world.

I have trained with many Shamans in South America and am a trained Palero (healer who works with trees), Tabaquero (healer trained in working with Jungle Tobacco) and an Ayahuasquero (healer trained in working with Ayahuasca). I have also worked with many other Shamans in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world and work with many of these methods.

The main focus of my work with patients is the “plant diet” with British plants which is a powerful system to heal the body, mind and spirit and connect people to nature and themselves.


Chinese Medicine, Language and Acupuncture

  • Acupuncture Diploma from the South West College of Oriental Medicine
  • Studied Shiatsu with Chris Jarmey
  • Obtained a degree in Mandarin Chinese at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London


Chinese Yoga (Qigong) 

  • Medical Qigong with Dr Zhao Lianting
  • Nei Yang Gong with Yafei Liu daughter of Guizhen Liu (Originator of the term Qigong)
  • Medical Qigong and diagnosis methods with Dr Zhao Lianting
  • Medical Qigong and Health Exercises with Dr Liu
  • Buddhist Qigong with Professor Tianjun Liu (Director of the Qigong research laboratory at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)
  • Daoist and Medical Qigong with Dr Kangyi Sheng
  • Medical Qigong in the Yiyuan Hospital, Beijing
  • Daoist Qigong and Bagua with Gao Changhong (teacher of Cai Jun, head of the Qigong department at Xiyuan Hospital)



  • Daoist Meditation and Health Exercises with Chen Yuming, former Abbot of Huashan Monastery
  • Buddhist Qigong and Meditation in northern India
  • Trained Meditation and Neigong in Indonesia
  • Daoist Meditation  with Gao Changhong
  • Daoist Meditation with Dr Kangyi Sheng
  • Daoist Meditation with Yuan Xiugang
  • Studied Sufi meditation and Christian mystical traditions


Martial Arts

  • Trained Shaolin Boxing under Neil Genge
  • Trained in Thai Boxing alongside world champions in the Llana Thai Boxing Camp and Kaewsamrit Thai Boxing Camp, Thailand
  • Studied Wudang style Bagua, Taiji, Qigong and Meditation under Daoist Monk Yuan Xiugang, Wudang
  • Studied Taiji with Chen Yuming, former Abbot of Huashan Monastery


For more information on treatments or to book a diagnosis, please email ben@rootsandbranches.co.uk